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Winter Driving Vision Hazards

Winter Driving Vision Impairments & Hazzards

Traveling during winter months usually means dealing with harsh conditions, traffic jams and longer drive times. Inside the car, the heater is blasting and in turn, dehydrating your eyes.

Travel Study: A recent study found that the air inside a heated car only had 18% humidity. Studies show that eyes are most comfortable in 40% or higher. 18% humidity would result in evaporation of the outer lipid layer of the tear film causing burning, stinging, and excessive tearing and blurring of vision.

Insanity and Itch Reliever: Blurry vision makes driving dangerous and itchy eyes distract the driver from watching the road. Having artificial tears on hand can relieve the pain associated with dehydrated eyes. It's important to choose tears that do not contain vasoconstrictors (which constrict blood flow to the eyes and cause rebound redness), such as Refresh Brand tears, because products such as Visine enhance the problem rather than mitigate it.

Expert Advice: A leading eye care specialist can explain this study in further detail and the best relief so the holiday travel season can remain safe.

(Source: RLM PR)

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