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Top 10 Weekend Tours

Top 10 Weekend Bus Tour Getaways in the United States

If you are looking for a quick vacation or if you are looking to save money on sightseeing on your next vacation, try one of the quick bus tours. Touring with a group allows you to save money on a rental car and fuel. It also ensures that you will see the best sites that you may not otherwise find. If money is a concern, these short vacations can ensure a great getaway without taking a long vacation. With a wide variety of bus tours available, there is sure to be a tours to suit everyone’s tastes.

To help travelers find great weekend tour destinations,, and online ticketing company for inter-city bus and bus tours, releases top 10 tours. This top 10 list is compiled with a formula based on the existing bookings and booking trends for tours lasting for 2 to 3 days. These top 10 weekend tours are just the beginning of the vast possibilities for short term tours.

Top 10 Weekend Tours:

1. New York to Niagara Falls
2-Day Tour
Departing from New York City on both Saturday and Sunday, this tour reaches the Niagara Falls on the departure day and returns to New York City on Sunday or the Memorial Day. Maid of mist is included at the Niagara Falls. This tour will also visit Corning Glass Center where a glassmaking process is showcased.

2. Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon
3-Day Tour
The tour is available on both Saturday and Sunday departures. Las Vegas is always an excellent choice to spend any holiday. There is an option to take a helicopter tour to get a great view of the breathtaking Grand Canyon.

3. New York to Washington DC
2-Day Tour
Departing from New York City every day, this tour is very popular because it covers the major attractions in Washington DC such as Capital Hill and White House. Visiting Washington DC has a special meaning on the Memorial Day.

4. San Francisco to Los Angeles, Disneyland, Universal Studios
3-Day Tour
For some, regardless of the age, there will always be a place in their hearts that will remain forever young. Disneyland and Universal Studios allow everyone to be young, to spend time with family and be dazzled at the creativity of the human imagination. This is a great long weekend trip for young families with kids.

5. Boston to New York and Washington DC
3-Day Tour
Departing on Saturday from Boston and returning on the Memorial day, this tour includes visits to popular attractions in New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia. An alternative choice is Boston to Niagara Falls 2-Day tour.

6. New York to Washington DC and Niagara Falls
3-Day Tour
This is an ideal tour to cover both Niagara Falls and Washington DC in this 3-day Memorial Day weekend. One can appreciate the natural wonder at the Falls and visit Lincoln, Jefferson and Vietnam Memorials in a single trip.

7. L.A. to San Francisco, Yosemite, Napa Valley, Monterey Bay
3-Day Tour
A popular choice departing from Los Angeles is to visit the Yosemite national Park and taste the California's finest wine for this Memorial weekend. It includes a sightseeing tour inside San Francisco to visit Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman Wharf.

8. San Francisco to Yosemite, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon
4-Day Tour
To take this popular tour that covers Yosemite national park, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon, one has to take an extra day in addition to the 3-day long weekend. There is an optional tour of the newly created Skywalk Glass Bridge in the West Rim of Grand Canyon.

9. New York City to Niagara Falls, Boston
3-Day Tour
A perfect tour to cover both the Niagara Falls and Boston in this 3-day Memorial Day weekend. In Boston, this tour covers prestigeous Harvard University and MIT.

10. Los Angeles to Sequoia, Lake Tahoe, Napa
3-Day Tour
With this tour, one will enjoy the peaceful vacation destinations at Lake Tahoe and Sequoia National Park for the Memorial weekend. The tour also include a visit to Napa valley where one can taste the California's finest wine.

For more information and tour ideas, visit GotoBus Tours.

Source: GotoBus Tours