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Safety Tips for the Road

Hertz Offers Safety Tips for the Road and Beyond

You grew up listening to your mother tell you to always lock your car doors, while your father taught you how to parallel park.

Being a smart driver should still be one of your top priorities. If you're a mother, of course you want the correct size baby seat for your 2 year old, when you're renting a car. If you're driving to Boston for business, you can't afford to be stressed out by the thought of getting lost.

Safety and peace of mind extends far beyond the suggestion to "park your car under a street light when it's dark at night." Below are a few common sense tips on how to stay safe, and assertive on the road:

Don't be a "damsel in distress."
Educate yourself. The following might sound elementary, but the best way to stay oriented, safe and focused while driving is to "know" your vehicle. Know how to open your trunk or the hood of your car while seated behind the driver's seat. Check to see which side your gas tank is on before you begin your journey. Learn how to jump-start your car and where the spare tire is located in the vehicle. If you want to be double savvy on the road, learn how to change your own tire.

Be prepared.
Always pack a blanket, bottled water and snacks (dried fruit, nuts, crackers, etc) when you're taking a trip. Perfect for emergencies or if you're stuck in traffic.

Know where you're going.
Have a sense of how to get to your destination before you start driving. Ask for computerized driving directions at the rental counter or purchase Hertz's NeverLost, a navigational system which will show you the best route to go, for only $9 per day in the U.S.

Beat the heat.
Always carry a baseball cap/hat and sunscreen with you, in case you get caught on the side of the road in the blistering sun.

Be a nimble night driver.
Driving at night can be especially challenging, especially with the glaring headlights of the driver behind you. In order to beat the "light," focus your eyes on the divider lines on the road-it'll keep you in gear.

Be observant.
Always pay attention to the last exit or mile marker you've passed. In case you break down, it always helps to know where you are when phoning a state trooper.

Don't forget numbers.
Plug in those important numbers into your cell phone before you begin your trip - 911, roadside assistance, hotel/destination, etc.

(source: Hertz)