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OnStar Real Stories

Real Stories allows readers to experience the significance of OnStar's safety, security and peace of mind services using emotionally compelling stories of real-life OnStar subscribers.

These days, more women are traveling -- alone or with their children -- than ever before. Female driving has increased nearly 40 percent since 1980. According to a survey of 1,000 women conducted by OnStar, nearly 30 percent feel uneasy driving alone while 64 percent fear driving through dangerous area.

It's clear that these real-life stories strike a cord with OnStar
subscribers and have helped dramatically improve consumer comprehension of the benefits of OnStar. In fact, roughly 3,000 people a month who previously opted not to renew their OnStar subscription are coming back to the service.

For additional great tips on automotive safety, check out RTM's Auto Travel & Safety as well as other great stories from OnStar.


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